Weekly WOD Overview for August 10th through 15th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for August 10th through 15th, 2020

This week of fitness starts Monday off with project pullup and midline madness. Then a nice couplet of box jumps and devil’s presses which will sure lead to a bit of “Deception” for your lungs and legs. Tuesday’s workout will be a bit longer with running, back squats, kettlebell deadlift plus lunge all wrapped up into an ascending rep scheme called “Penguin”. Wednesday we will slow things down a little and focus on working to a heavy 5 rep set of power snatches and hold that for 5 sets. Additionally look to get in another round of project pullup and midline madness. On Thursday our fitness includes completing rounds in this 12 minute AMRAP of riding the assault bike, handstand walking and front squats. I heard that will make the “Wild Hogs” come out. For Friday look to “Hippity Hop” through three 6 minute AMRAP’s of moderately heavy power clean & jerks and kettlebell swings with a 2 minute rest after each one. Finally, on Saturday you will ask “What’s Next” after that week of fitness? Well, here it is… a longer heavier farmers carry, wallballs, running, med ball squat cleans, rowing, med ball situps and to finish it off with the longer heavier farmers carry.“Success is not owned, it is rented - and that rent is due everyday.”― Rory Vaden

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