June 1st through 6th, 2019 Weekly WOD Overview

May 19, 2022
June 1st through 6th, 2019 Weekly WOD Overview

What a great start to the month it will be, we are so excited for this week and are eagerly awaiting our members arrival. Current members, please be sure to check your email for updates and changes that affect our gym that will start Monday, June 1st. If you did not receive an email, please reach out to us so that we can get that information to you ASAP!We will start our training week on Monday with "Can't Count", which is a strength piece that is an ascending rep scheme of unbroken front squats. You will go up by 2 reps, rest, and then continue on until you no longer can go unbroken. Then we have a tabata front squat finisher. Tuesday we hit "Belch" which is a simple couplet of 6 rounds of push press and burpees. "Playground" makes us run on Wednesday as we grab a light DB or KB and our running shoes. The run starts at 800m and goes down every round, along with the swings that decrease in reps but need to stay unbroken. You will have a built in rest to make sure you maximize your intensity. Thursdays workout is "Catch." This EMOM 10 has you moving through two quick movements of thrusters and power cleans which will get spicy pretty fast. Friday has us wanting "No Mo' " which includes some overhead carries, plank dumbbell rows, air squats in an AMRAP 12. "Jurassic Park" on Saturday gets us doing some gymnastics skills of double unders, dips, and handstand pushups. You'll perform as many reps as possible in 1 minute of each movement and move through that for 3 rounds total. Gimmicks sell but fade out; sound training principles will never let you down.

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