Weekly WOD Overview for April 19th through April 24th, 2021

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for April 19th through April 24th, 2021

Hi. Happy Sunday. What’s in store for the week? Let’s find out. On Monday we’ve got, “Hello, Heart Rate.” This is 3 rounds of HSPUs, power snatches, over-unders, and squat snatches. Tuesday it’s, “Balls to the Wall.” This will be over quickly. It’s a 7-minute AMRAP of 100m sprints and wall balls. On Wednesday we have a Hero Workout, “Erin.” This will be 5 rounds of DB split cleans and lots of pull-ups. Thursday is a strength day! It’s back squat day! What a wonderful day! We’ll be doing tempo back squats, “Low and Slow” and regular back squats, “Just Low” in heavy sets of triples. Friday is all about that “Jerk-Life Balance.” It’s a 14-minute AMRAP of hang power cleans, front squats, and push jerks. That takes us to Saturday. Saturday will be another partner workout. How do you guys like these, by the way? We like doing partner WoDs on Saturdays, do you? This one is called, “The Long Road Ahead.” This has a bit of everything. Runs, dubz, push-ups, hang power cleans, toes-to-bar, and jumps. As the name implies, it’s gonna be a long one. Hold on. “I always entertain great hopes.” -- Robert Frost

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