Weekly WOD Overview For June 22nd Through 27th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview For June 22nd Through 27th, 2020

Happy Fathers Day to all of our amazing Desert Devil CrossFit dads! Thank you guys for showing your kiddos what hard work and love looks like, we hope you enjoy your day! To start off the week we will see a classic CrossFit benchmark workout, “Karen”. A simple squat and press movement, also known as 150 wallballs for time. Fast and furious but no better way to give your legs the love they deserve. Tuesday we will see “OH my Squat” which is a strength day of overhead squats, oh boy! Working heavy all day we will be adding weight each set to find a 1 rep max. “Wrecking Ball,” hits us on Wednesday with 2 different couplets that you will do two times with built in rest. The first is running with max reps of med ball situp + throw to wall, then you’ll complete the second couplet with more running and kettlebell swings. Thursday we are going to “Blast Off” with a combination of a classic gymnastic benchmark of “Cindy” consisting of pullups, pushups and air squats while performing farmers carries in between rounds. Fridays workout “Oops I Did It Again” is a pyramid time workout, meaning you start off with one minute of work for each movement, then two minutes, then three minutes, then back down to one minute of each. You’ll be trying to accumulate as many calories on the rower, then counting as many reps of devils presses. There is no rest during this 18 min workout. Saturday’s chipper workout has us starting with high rep deadlifts, then dumbbell power snatches, deficit pushups and ending with broad jumps.People reach the highest levels of discipline because they are driven by love, by fun, by play.

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