Weekly WOD Overview for March 15th through March 20th, 2021

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for March 15th through March 20th, 2021

Hey there. You look great. It’s weekly WoD overview time. Let’s get it.This week’s theme for the Open workout on Friday will be Saint Patty’s Day! Get your green goin’.On Monday we have “Raise the Posterior.” It’s a 24-minute AMRAP of running, deadlifts, deadlift holds, and box jumps. Tuesday we have “Zurch and Destroy.” It’s a strength day! We’ll be doing heavy triples of Zercher squats. That’ll take us to Wednesday. We’ve got “Lucky Leprechaun.” It’s 3 rounds for time of 17 Russian kettlebell swings, ring push-ups, and triple (probably double) unders. On Thursday we’ll dial back the intensity again. It’ll be another “Goat Day.” Start thinking about the skills you’d like to work on. We have no idea what’s happening on Friday cuz it’s 21.2 of the CrossFit Open. Just like last week, we’ll post things as soon as humanly possible on Thursday evening. On Saturday we have “Requiem for a Team.” Grab a partner and split up the reps of single-unders, air squats, and alternating DB hang power snatches. WIth the time left over, you’ll burn down some single-arm devil’s presses.That’s all, folks. <--- See what I did there“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” -- Aristotle

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