Weekly WOD Overview for March 29th through April 3rd, 2021

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for March 29th through April 3rd, 2021

Hey. Your hair looks great today.The CrossFit Open is complete. We made it out alive. Our intramural DDCF Open will continue for another two weeks. This week’s theme is “Pick a Decade.” Somebody lend Chris some bellbottoms. Please and thank you. Here’s what we’ve got!Monday we “Jump Chip.” It’s a chipper-style workout with dubs, toes-to-bar, and squat snatches. It’s a fast one. On Tuesday, we have “Power Death.” That sounds warm and inviting, doesn’t it? We are lifting heavy here. One back squat followed one deadlift. We add one rep to each lift until we hit the 10-minute mark. Wednesday, we’ve got “Bike Rack.” This features three different tabatas! Bike calories, front-rack split squats, and push jerks, oh my. On Thursday we’ve got “Lickety-Strict.” This one is not for time, but for quality. Get the work done and focus on form. This is 7 rounds of strict muscle-ups, strict handstand push-ups, GHD sit-ups, and hip extensions. Friday it’s “DDCF 21.5.” This will be a variation of 19.1. It's a 15-minute AMRAP of 21 wall balls and 21/16 calories on the rower. It’ll be a good day to be a tall CrossFitter! Finally, on Saturday, we’ve got “Recreational Hugs.” This is an AMRAP 20 of MB hug squats, Russian kettlebell swings, rings dips, MB hug walking lunges, KB sumo deadlift high-pulls, and more dips!That’s all for the week! “If you’re going to live, you might as well do painful, brave, and beautiful things.” -- Jeff Zentner

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