Weekly WOD Overview for March 8th through March 13th, 2021

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for March 8th through March 13th, 2021

Hey there, beautifuls.It’s CrossFit Open 2021 week! OMG. So excited. The first workout will be released Thursday evening and we’ll be doing it on Friday.Friendly reminder, this week’s theme is Road Runners vs. Coyotes. Get crazy, wear a costume, make-up, whatever. Let’s make it fun. Here is what the week will look like…On Monday, we’re doing a benchmark. It’s the “Bear Complex.” The Bear Complex is 5 rounds of 7 unbroken sets of a power clean, a front squat, a push press, a back squat, and a push press. On Tuesday, these “Grips Don’t Lie.” We’ve got rowing, bar muscle-ups, and kettlebell swings. Hang on tight. That takes us to Wednesday. “If These Balls Could Talk” has overhead lunges, MB sit-ups, and MB runs. On Thursdays during The Open, we’ll do “Goat Day.” Goat Day is a day to work on skills and dial back the intensity. We’re doing this to prepare for Friday. Speaking of Friday, it’s 21.1. That’s going to be whatever CrossFit HQ and the twisted mind of @thedavecastro decide to throw at us. It’ll likely be rather gnarly. On Saturday, it’s “The Rope Less Travelled.” Think of it like a sandwich. 400m runs are the bread. Rope climbs and DB hang squat cleans are the meat. Yummmmmm.“You always have two choices: your commitment versus your fear.” -- Sammy Davis, Jr.

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