Weekly WOD Overview for November 23rd through November 28th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for November 23rd through November 28th, 2020

Oh. Hi.We did it, y’all. One successful week of quarantine CrossFit. This is what we train for. The ability to endure. We will endure. First of all, happy Thanksgiving week. There will be no live workout sessions Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. There will be workouts and videos posted to SugarWoD if you need to balance your turkey to fitness ratios. Balance is key. ;-)Let’s get to it! Here is what the week has in store. Monday we’ve got “Rainy Day.” This 12-minute AMRAP will get out-of-hand fast as we cycle through squats, SDHPs, and wipers. “Yeehaw!” it’s Tuesday! Fran-like-feels may be in store. This little number is 15-10-5 (each arm by the way) of high pulls, thrusters, and hang power snatches. You’ll be able to move quickly, so move quickly. On Wednesday, we’ve got “Sneaky Durty.” It’s only 9 sneaky minutes of work, but you know what that means, go hard. It's got dubz, lunges, and v-ups and the numbers increase every round. On Thursday, we’ve got a couple of options. In typical Turkey Trot fashion, run a 5k if you’re into it. Our other option celebrates the life of a beautiful human, Kole Ricci. “Kole Bear” has been performed by many of you. A dumbbell variation has been crafted so that we can pay our respects despite the current situation we find ourselves in. Friday should be fun! You’ll be saying, “Oh-No” as you work your way through 5 rounds of squat cleans, burpees, jerks, running, clusters, and dubz, oh my. If you have a quaranteam, Saturday’s workout can be performed as a pair. If not, there will be ways to perform this solo. “Bud Fun” is a lotta dubz, deadlifts, and ground-to-overheads.That’s it! Come by and see us for the live classes at 6 am, noon, and 5 pm. We love seeing your faces and we hope to be able to rally at the gym soon. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay active.“I am large, I contain multitudes.” -- Walt Whitman

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