Weekly WOD Overview for October 12th through October 17th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for October 12th through October 17th, 2020

You did it. Not only did you survive, but you also thrived through another challenging week of pushing your limits. Many of you were pushed well beyond your comfort zones. That is where growth happens. Well done. Just a heads-up, we will be closed on Saturday, October 17th. We’ll be making time for lovely people, to do lovely things, with their lovely families. <3Here’s what we have in store for this upcoming week!Monday, we’ve got “Duck Duck Goose.” This will be over quack...uh, I mean quick. Push through over-unders and back-rack walking lunges to maximize your recovery in this 12 minute AMRAP. On Tuesday, we have “Lady Mash-Up.” This will be 3 rounds of Cindy, then 2 rounds of Nancy, followed by 1 round of Eva. Girl Power! Wednesday is a barbell day! We will be working up to a heavy single power snatch then knocking out the couplet, “Down-Ups.” This’ll be a quick couplet of 15-12-9 power snatches and burpees. Warning: “Fran Lung” may appear. Come hang with us “Downtown” on Thursday. In this workout, you’ll AMRAP dubs for 2 minutes, AMRAP handstand push-ups for 2 minutes, and AMRAP calories on the rower for 2 minutes. You’ll do this 3 times. Do yourself a favor and remember to grab a whiteboard. The ability to count will quickly disappear. Lastly, on Friday, you’ll be begging your feet to cooperate in “C’mon, Feet.” Here we have 5 rounds of heavy front squats, static front-rack holds, and single-arm dumbbell hang split cleans. Wow, try to say that last one 5 times fast. PS. Don’t forget your running shoes. “A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.” -- Bruce Lee

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