May the 4th be with you the through 9th, 2020 Weekly WOD Overview

May 19, 2022
May the 4th be with you the through 9th, 2020 Weekly WOD Overview

Happy May! We cannot believe how fast April flew by, especially since we have been social distancing and haven't had you guys in the gym in more than a month. But we are excited for the possibility to get you all back in here (with cautionary measures) as soon as possible.To start off our week we will have a two part workout, beginning our session with some strength work with the bulgarian split squat. Then we will hit "Workaholic", which is 3 rounds of DB bent over rows and strict presses directly into 3 rounds of DB/KB swings and thrusters. Tuesday we will hit some tempo floor presses and hollow rocks for an alternating EMOM. Then "Radar" will hit us with a for time workout that starts with a 400m run into rep scheme 9-12-15 of double DB deadlifts and lateral DB burpees directly into an 800m run then back down of 15-12-9 of the same movements, then finish off with a 400m run. "Macho Taco" shows up on Wednesday, AMRAP 3 x 5 rounds with a 1 minute of rest in between 60 double unders, 20 jumping lunges and then max rounds of "Macho Man." Thursday we will hit another BRO SESH and if you did it the other week, you know these are tough. Friday will start with some tempo DB back squats working on positioning and strength, then roll into "Bubbles" which is an AMRAP 12 of skater plyos and double unders. Saturday morning we will get after "Den" which is a descending rep scheme starting at 10 all the way to 1 of double DB clusters and a 200m run. You can not reach your full potential if you train, practice and live in your comfort zone. This goes for anything else in life too. Full potential comes from practicing what you want to do, do it daily and get uncomfortable. Hard work pays off!

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