Weekly WOD Overview for July 6th Through 11th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for July 6th Through 11th, 2020

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend celebrating America and our freedoms! Let’s see some photos of your smiling faces with family and friends you celebrated with.Here we go, back to another week of all the fitness! On Monday, we have “FRODO”. In this 6 part every two minute piece for reps we have squat cleans, ring pullups, jerks, handstand pushups, squat clean & jerks and toes to rings. Tuesday’s “SOUR PATCH” is a strength day consisting of building to a heavy 1 rep Power Snatch. Wednesday brings us “BYOB”. This might stand for something like bring your own six pack (beer) as in Abs or bring your own bucket. This AMRAP 20 has two couplets of pushups and dubz separated by one minute of a plank holds then more dubz and mountain climbers to finish off each round. Thursday gives us “DT” a hero WOD that is five rounds of deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerks. Then on Friday we will get some walking lunges, GHD situps and pistols in making us all some “FLEXY HIPPIES”. Finally, on Saturday you’ll get a leg burner accumulating reps with the Assault bike and box jumps of all flavors making for the sound of “”NO” IN SPANISH”.“Here’s to kicking ass into your 90’s instead of someone wiping it.”--ME

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