Weekly WOD Overview for March 22nd through March 27th, 2021

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for March 22nd through March 27th, 2021

Why hello there, beautiful humans.Let’s keep the Open spirit going strong. This week’s theme is Nerd Day. Go on, get good ‘n’ geeky, guys and gals.Here is what the week has in store for us!Monday it’s “Snatch Me If You Can.” Maybe don’t actually try that. How about we stick to barbells? We’ll find heavy triples and also work up to a heavy single snatch balance. On Tuesday we’ve got “Murphette.” That’s 3 rounds of running, pull-ups, push-ups, and air squats. It’s going to be a lot of them. Wednesday, brace your bellies! It’s “Your Poor Core.” It’ll be 5 rounds of parallette pass-throughs, KB front-rack carries, and front squats. Thursday will be another “Goat Day” so think about the skills you’d like to be working on. On Friday it’s the final official CrossFit Open workout. It remains to be seen what 21.3 will have in store for us. Remember, our DDCF Open continues for two weeks after this. On Saturday, it’s “Bust a Move.” Nothing crazy this day, just good movement. We’ll do plate ground-to-overheads, shuttle runs, box jumps, and handstand holds.“Discipline equals freedom.” -- Jocko Willink

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