Weekly WOD Overview for November 2nd through November 7th, 2020

May 19, 2022
Weekly WOD Overview for November 2nd through November 7th, 2020

Happy November, everyone! Thanks to all of you who participated in our HalloWoD this past weekend. If you haven’t already, DM us some pictures of your purrty and painted faces for us to post, pretty please! This month’s project will be Project Strong(hu)man! We’ll put our creative problem solving to the test as we mimic typical Strongman-style events. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone.Let’s get a look at what’s coming up this week.On Monday, we’ve got “Remix.” Choose your own strategy and break up the reps however you’d like between four movements. You’ll have rope climbs, push-ups, dubz, and running to complete. That takes us to “No Toes” Tuesday. It’s a heavy front squat day! No tippy-toes allowed as we take turns through five sets of tasty triples. Wednesday will leave your wondering where your legs went as we test a well-known CrossFit benchmark with a twist. We call this, “Planking Karen.” Karen is 150 wall balls. Planking? Well, you can figure that out. On Thursday, don’t break as we battle yet another benchmark, “Gwen.” This one is unique! 15 - 12 - 9 of unbroken clean and jerks. Rest as needed in between sets. Then, it’s Friday! “bOHx Squats.” begins with a beloved Assault bike buy-in followed by box jumps and barbell overhead squats! Beautiful. Then, on Saturday, we’ve got “Depth.” This is four rounds of fun featuring kettlebell swings, GHD sit-ups, and front-rack carries. Phew. That’s one hell of a week.“Perfect never gets the opportunity to become better.” -- Katrin Davidsdottir

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